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Three Processes For Producing Stone Paper Disposal Goods

Stone paper disposal goods is mainly composed of stone powder (calcium carbonate), resin, etc. At present, many domestic enterprises or research institutions claim to have mastered this technology. From the information that has been published, the technologies of each enterprise are similar. The proportions are close. It's basically 80% stone powder with 20% additives. The specific addition composition, proportion and operation process are different.

It is reported, there are 3 kinds of the process of green paper such as stone paper mainly.
The first is calendering by batching, mixing, modification, extrusion materials, calendering. The shortcomings of calendering process is that it is complex, and it is generally used to produce more than 0.1mm of environmentally friendly paper products. The product proportion is big, and the equipment price is expensive, but the product surface is smooth. It is suitable for printing products like the advanced sample and the book cover.

The second is the flow method. Instead of calender, we can produce green paper of different thickness. However, the distribution of molecular chain in environmental paper is unidirectional, so the vertical, horizontal and physical properties of environmental paper products are quite different. This is a major shortcoming of environmentally friendly paper.

The third is the bidirectional stretch method. In the bidirectional stretching process, there will be some small gaps between the substrate plastic and the filling material, thus reducing the proportion and cost of environmental protection paper. Due to the refraction of light by these small gaps, the environmental protection paper produced by it has a good appearance and has been widely used in fields such as packaging, printing, advertising.

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