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Waterproof Notebook Stone Paper, A Major Breakthrough In The Low-Carbon Industry

Waterproof Notebook Stone Paper is the advanced paper technology leading the world in the domestic.
With Calcium carbonate, the most abundant mineral resource in the earth's crust, as the main raw material, high polymer materials and a variety of inorganic materials as auxiliary raw materials, new technology for stone and paper is the new paper making technology that makes use of chemical principle of polymer interface and filling modification technology, is produced specially, recycled reversibly, and has the features of modern technology. The birth of this technology not only solves the harm of the traditional paper pollution to the environment, but also solves the white pollution caused by the use of a large number of plastic packaging materials and the waste of a large number of petroleum resources.

Stone paper is more flexible than ordinary paper. It is not easy to tear. We can write on it. It is of water and oil proof. It is said that stone paper is widely used in garbage bags, shopping bags, food bags, etc. It can also be used in cultural paper, such as printing paper, writing paper, etc. It can also be used in fields such as building materials decoration, industrial packaging. It can even be used for special paper, such as field work paper, military special paper, etc. It is widely used.

The economic benefits and social significance of stone paper are enormous
Traditional papermaking technology needs to cut down a lot of wood and use a lot of water. It discharges sewage and toxic and harmful substances in the production process, causing serious harm to the environment and human health. Throughout the production process, stone paper does not need water, strong acid, strong alkali, bleach powder and many organic chlorides. Compared with the traditional papermaking process, it saves several important pollution links such as cooking, washing and bleaching, and fundamentally eliminates the pollution problem caused by "three wastes" in papermaking process.

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