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About the technological characteristics and development prospects of stone paper

The process flow of stone paper mainly adopts the combination of calendering and casting, and the organic base material basically adopts polyethylene-PE. The combination of calendering and casting is used to replace the traditional paper process, which is more suitable for the processing of polyethylene, the product performance has been improved, and the product production range is wider. The use of improved special equipment to complete the production of this type of paper can simplify the production process of stone paper, more stable quality, and more convenient operation.

Stone paper also has its own unique advantages in use and printing. Its main characteristics are not only waterproof, anti-fog, oil, insect, etc., but also tear and folding resistance. Stone paper absorbs ink firmly, and inkjet printing is not easy to be eroded. And because it is fiber-free, the clarity after inkjet printing is higher, and the surface is not covered with a film, it will not chemically interact with the ink, resulting in color cast and decolorization.

In daily life, stone paper has a wide range of uses. It can not only replace traditional charcoal paper, but also has good water resistance, good foldability and easy binding. It can replace opaque PVE, PE and other plastic films, which reduces the cost, and is suitable for packaging bags and other disposable products.

The application fields of stone paper products are extremely wide, and can be used in the following industries.

One-time life consumables. Such as garbage bags, shopping bags, food bags, compact bags, lunch boxes, foot gloves, tablecloths, raincoats, dust covers, etc.

Cultural paper. Such as printing paper, writing paper, advertising decoration paper, Dowling paper, coated paper, film paper, drawing paper, poster stickers, typing paper, mailing paper, cigarette paper, glassine paper, newsprint, etc.

Building materials decoration and industrial packaging. Such as decorative wallpaper. In the field of industrial packaging, it can be used in fertilizer bags, cement bags, rice noodle bags, clothing bags, various handbags, cartons and cartons, etc.; it can also be used in special papers, such as paper for field operations, paper for underwater operations, Paper for underground operations, special military paper, etc.