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Benifit To Environment Of Stone Paper Thermoforming Board

Stone paper sheet is made of marble, limestone, coal gangue, and even slag, using polymer materials and a variety of inorganic materials as auxiliary materials, using the principle of polymer interface chemistry and the characteristics of filling and modification. , Blow molding processing to produce a new type of paper that can be recycled and has modern technical characteristics.

Protect resources and save energy
The stone notepad paper board comes from the mine and does not need to cut vegetation, which is a great protection for the forest. The stone paper production process mainly uses calcium carbonate as the main raw material. The entire production process does not need to add a drop of water, which saves valuable water resources.
At the same time, the energy consumption is lower than that of traditional wood pulp and paper, which helps to improve global warming caused by carbon dioxide.

Reduce pollution emissions
The production of stone notepad paper plates does not require water washing at all, nor does it require strong acids, alkalis and bleaching agents, so there is no problem of wastewater discharge and no pollution of water resources.
Recycling and degradation

Stone heat seal paper plates can be recycled through plastic products after use. After being collected, they can be crushed and extruded to produce colored plastic bags, flower pots, and plastic buckets.

If it is treated as garbage and sent to the incinerator for combustion, no toxic gas will be generated. Because the stone paper sheet contains a large amount of stone powder and a small amount of non-toxic resin, when the resin is burned, the stone powder will be pulverized, which promotes the resin to contact with the air and accelerates the complete combustion of the resin, so black smoke will not be generated due to lack of oxygen and smoldering during combustion . After the non-toxic resin burns, there is no toxic exhaust gas, and the amount of carbon dioxide emission is small.

The thermoformed stone paper hotel products have passed the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) test, including three types of RP \ RB \ ST stone paper series, which indicates that the stone paper products are non-toxic and harmless and can be directly contacted with food.