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Can all stones be used as eco-friendly bags? Stone paper bags

The types of bags we use in daily life include plastic bags, cloth bags, paper bags, etc., and the manifestations of plastic bags are also ever-changing. However, with the increasing pressure of white pollution on the environment, the failure to provide plastic bags has corresponding inconvenience to our daily shopping. The production of environmentally friendly bags has attracted attention!
The new material PCC high-energy masterbatch made by Shenzhen Shineng Paper Co., Ltd. through technical processing and refining of a stone can not only produce products that replace plastics, but is basically the same as petroleum-based plastic products in appearance. While being environmentally friendly, it greatly reduces the production costs of plastic products companies. The environmental protection bag-Stone Paper Bags produced by PCC high-energy masterbatch has been promoted in many large supermarkets.

The PCC high-energy masterbatch developed from this kind of stone can be directly degraded by thermal oxygen, and directly turned into calcium carbonate after incineration. It can also be decomposed naturally under natural light conditions. Unlike plastic products, it is difficult to be naturally degraded. It is burned. Sometimes it will pollute the atmosphere and leave coking.