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Controversy Over Stone Paper Thermoforming Board

The rise of stone paper, a new material between paper and plastic, has caused controversy as a new thing.

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While receiving praise, some experts also believe that although the production process of stone paper is low-carbon and energy-saving, whether it is an emerging thing or not is really worthy of discussion.

First, the raw materials of thermoformed stone paper are mainly calcium carbonate and high-molecular polymers based on petroleum. It is obviously a waste of resources for China's current consumption of nearly 90 million tons of paper products.

In addition, scientific experiments have proven that it takes at least two or three hundred years for general plastics to degrade into environmentally friendly, less harmful fragments.

Therefore, stone paper cannot be truly completely recycled and degraded. However, for renewable plant resources such as wood, reed and more than 60% of plant fiber paper made from waste paper, it is easy to recycle and degrade.

Secondly, in terms of product performance, thermoformed stone paper needs to be added with polyethylene to make a composite paper, similar to an ultra-thin "plastic paper". In comparison, traditional plant fiber paper has many excellent features such as good absorbency, air permeability, and printability. It can be converted into pulp after blistering, and easily degraded under natural conditions. These characteristics are exactly what airtight stone paper does not have.

In terms of technology, China has accumulated rich experience in papermaking for thousands of years. Modern technology has made the production process less and less polluting the environment, and large-scale enterprises have reached environmental protection standards.

The use of calcium carbonate as a filler in the paper industry has a long history. At present, paper products have been used up to nearly 20%. Therefore, the use of calcium carbonate as an ingredient in paper is no longer an innovation.

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