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Custom food stone heat sealable paper bags

Stone heat sealable paper bags are ideal for food packaging, items such as spices, cheese slices, and thick pastes such as ketchup and mayonnaise. These bags provide moisture, oxygen and UV protection, have been tested to quality standards, and are made entirely of heat-sealable materials.

Custom stone heat sealable paper bags for food
Packaging in the food packaging industry requires custom printing of its sealed bags, as it is often necessary to provide consumers with specific instructions on how to enjoy food properly. In many countries/regions, especially on edible foods, the product description, ingredient weight, manufacturing, and expiration date are printed on each pouch, which is also required by law. Companies can print their sealed bags in the most attractive way by customizing all legal information required by law and the company’s name and logo.

Types of stone heat sealable paper bags
Standard flat heat-sealed bags: These are one of the most common types of bags used for food packaging. One or both sides of these bags are transparent, so you can put the contents in front of everyone to display.

Laminated heavy products: Made of stronger materials than standard materials, they are crimped and sealed on the bottom, with a central weld on the back.

Metalized flat bags: These are good choices for coffee powder, powdered spices, food supplements and other products. These bags protect against ultraviolet rays, moisture, and oxygen, and have ripping options at both ends of the bag.

For your company, the most feasible packaging bag depends on the type of product you plan to produce and package. Before finalizing the choice, three things need to be determined:
Bag type: How strong do you need to be? Do you only need packaging options or do you have to consider moisture resistance? You can choose transparent, laminated, transparent front solid back, metallized or composite stable bag.

Printing type: It depends to a large extent on your budget. You can perform monochrome, multicolor, full CMYK, matt, metal or holographic printing.

Seal type and shape: can include a tear at one of the two ends of the bag, a child-resistant sealed bag, a DOY bag, germination and hanging holes or handles.