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Feature and Kind of Stone Notepad Paper Thermoforming Board

The appearance of stone paper(stone notepad paper) is gradually being valued at home and abroad. Unlike traditional papermaking, the raw material of stone paper is mainly stone, a small amount of resin and some additives, which are made by a series of physical methods.
stone notepad paper
Characteristics of stone paper:
• Simple production process; large investment, high output and low energy consumption.
• By not using plant fiber or cutting trees, a large amount of wood can be saved and natural ecology can be protected.
• It does not need to add chemical materials such as strong acid, strong alkali, bleach, and does not discharge waste water, waste residue and toxic and harmful gases.
• The product has the characteristics of good mechanical properties, waterproof, moisture-proof, moth-proof, folding-resistant, tear-resistant, odorless, pollution-free, stable geometric dimensions, high printing clarity, and can be naturally degraded into powder and returned to nature after being discarded.

Classification of stone paper(stone notepad paper):
The first category: a series of degradable environmentally friendly packaging materials.
This product is mainly used to replace traditional plastic packaging products. There are two major series of industrial packaging materials and living packaging materials. Among them, industrial packaging materials include: dust covers and protective covers for electronics, home appliances and industrial equipment. Living packaging materials include various packaging bags, shopping bags, garbage bags and roll bags used in daily life.

The second category: environmentally friendly thermoformed stone cardboard products.
Due to advantages in raw materials, production technology, and technological processes, thermoformed stone cardboard products are the only boards in the world that are close to zero benzene and zero formaldehyde. The products have no harmful substances such as heavy metals, no odor, moisture resistance, and flame retardant. And antibacterial functions. The environmental indicators of its products have not only passed the testing and certification of relevant national testing agencies, but also reached the European Union's testing standards, and have made major breakthroughs in health and environmental protection!

The third category: environmental protection stone paper sheet products.
It is mainly used to replace some traditional use plates, packaging plates and special plates. This type of product changes the traditional board making technology, does not use wood pulp, does not need to cut down trees, does not emit strong acids, strong alkalis and other chemical substances, and does not discharge wastewater.