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Functional thermoformed notebook stone paper

This project is dedicated to the development and research of functional thermoformed stone paper packaging materials. Applying the idea of ​​integrated innovation, using stone paper as the raw material, combining the excellent properties of stone paper with the mechanical properties of honeycomb paperboard and corrugated paperboard, the development of stone paper composite corrugated paperboard and stone paper honeycomb paperboard with various functions and its Related production processes, and creatively introducing foaming technology into the production of stone paper, reducing the proportion and cost of stone paper materials.

Through the research and development of stone paper production technology and the exploration of performance characteristics, the application of stone paper materials in the packaging field is promoted. The core layer of the stone paper honeycomb paperboard is formed by a chain compression molding process, that is, the core layer is pressed by the core paperboard through a chain molding device with a protruding honeycomb hexagonal prism structure, and then the prepared core layer and the stone paper are pressed. Tissue paper is melt-bonded at an instant high temperature.

Compared with the traditional corrugated cardboard of the same specification, the stone paper composite corrugated cardboard with a thickness of 4.50mm has a break resistance of at least 2.5 times and a puncture strength of 1.7 times. The core layer of the stone paper corrugated cardboard adopts the extrusion flow calendering molding process, that is, the stone paper is directly extruded and cooled in a molten state through a corrugated die to obtain a core layer. Each bonding surface is pre-heated and bonded by instantaneous high-temperature hot-melt bonding. Compared with the conventional honeycomb paperboard of the same specification, the prepared honeycomb paperboard with a basis weight of 202g / m2 has a flattening strength of 2.6 times that of the traditional honeycomb paperboard, and the burst resistance is at least 2.5 times that.

Lightweight stone paper, which is a light weight multi-layer stone paper composed of foamed stone paper and non-foamed stone paper. Foaming and hot-melt compounding are the key technologies. Multi-channel extrusion is used. Machine, followed by hot press foaming. During the production process of lightweight stone paper, AC foaming agent with a weight percentage of 0.1 ~ 0.7% is selected for the foaming process, and the temperature of the multi-layer runner of the extruder is 160 ~ 170 degrees Celsius, and the hot-pressing foaming temperature is 180- 200 degrees Celsius