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How The Stone Turned Into Stone Heat Seal Paper

Believe many people may not have discovered that stone paper has begun to enter our lives. It is possible that the handbags, lunch boxes, and packaging bags we use are made of stone paper, so how did the stone become soft? What about paper?

Stone heat seal paper is paper made from stone, which is called synthetic paper in the industry. The main material of the stone is calcium carbonate, which is processed by a special process using calcium carbonate as a raw material, polymer materials and various inorganic substances as auxiliary materials. The whole process requires no pulping, no water addition, no strong alkali, strong acid, bleaching agent, no waste water, waste gas, waste residue, especially energy saving and environmental protection. This is the embodiment of new paper technology with modern technical characteristics.

To make stone paper, the first step is to pulverize and grind the stone that is going to be used for papermaking with professional mill equipment, and mix 80% stone powder with 15% polyethylene and 5% additives. Using the principle of polymer interface chemistry and the characteristics of filling modification, the mixed materials are processed by mixing, extrusion, coating and other processes.

Stone powder, polyethylene and additives are made together with a principle similar to what we usually do at home and dough. Stone powder is equivalent to flour, polyethylene acts as water, and additives are equivalent to yeast. By using a granulator, the three mixed materials are pressed into dough and produced according to different needs. If a thin paper is needed, the material is blown into a thin paper. If the demand is thick paper, a die is used. Pressed into thick paper.

Stone heat seal paper cannot completely replace the traditional wood pulp and straw paper, but it can be partially replaced, about 60%. Stone papermaking can not only solve the environmental pollution caused by traditional papermaking, but also white pollution caused by a large number of plastic packaging materials. Therefore, this papermaking technology has great economic value and social significance.