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How to improve the gloss of masterbatch

 Masterbatch is a special coloring product, mainly used in PP plastic modification and plastic products with PP as carrier. Because plastic products have high requirements for gloss, we must find ways to improve its gloss during use:

  1. If you use PP as a carrier, you can add 3% EBS to improve the gloss effect is very obvious, you must add 0.5% CaSt and ZnSt to stabilize the molecular structure of PP during the molding process;

  2. If the masterbatch is used in injection molding products, 2% TiO2 or brightener can be added;

  3. If used in blow molding and blown film, the simpler the formula, the better, but the amount of dispersant should be increased to make it fully dispersed;

  4. Pay attention to the small granular shape of the mixing material to increase the output and avoid the negative material at the feeding port.

   In addition to adding some additives in the application of color masterbatch, we can also improve its gloss by reducing the dilution ratio and reducing the water content of the product during the operation to meet the gloss requirements of plastic products.