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Introduction of eco-friendly stone paper

Saving paper to protect forests, I believe everyone is familiar with such words. The environmental hazards of cutting wood and making paper cannot be ignored, but the use of paper is inseparable in life, so the replacement of traditional paper is very important.
Stone paper is a new type of material between paper and plastic. It can not only replace part of the traditional functional paper, professional paper, but also replace most of the traditional plastic packaging. Environmentally friendly paper with limestone and coal gangue powder as the main raw materials.

Advantages of eco-friendly stone paper
1. Obviously, very environmentally friendly.
Stone paper is made of abundant calcium carbonate resources. The production technology is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. The production process does not require water, does not produce waste gas, waste water, waste residue, etc. The product is degradable and has low energy consumption.
2. Superior performance, environmental protection alone is not in line with business, so superior performance is also an important point.
(1) Superior physical properties. Stone paper has strong tensile strength, tear resistance, burst resistance and folding resistance, and is durable and dimensionally stable.
(2) Outstanding chemical performance. It has good antibacterial and insect resistance, outstanding water and oil resistance, and is not easy to change color.
(3) Good safety performance. The stone paper has no adverse effect on the objects in contact. The disposal of its waste paper is also very safe and will not cause soil pollution.
(4) Good printability. The paper surface is flat and smooth, there is no halo phenomenon, it saves more ink than the traditional low-sheet, and has higher definition, which can avoid the occurrence of color cast and discoloration of printed products.
3. The cost of stone paper is lower. The cost of inorganic powder and environmentally friendly stone per ton is about 30-40% lower than that of plastic bags, and 20% lower than the cost of some high-grade wood pulp paper.

Of course we cannot ignore the shortcomings of stone paper
(1) The papermaking process of stone paper has strict environmental requirements, and the production workshop is required to be clean and dust-free, otherwise its performance will be affected.
(2) The inherent deficiencies of stone paper, such as thermal deformation, non-absorption, etc., determine that stone paper cannot be used as carbonless copy paper, laser printing, bond paper, etc. The life span is generally 20 to 30 years and cannot be stored for a long time.
(3) Stone paper is heavier than traditional paper, which brings inconvenience to binding and transportation.
(4) At present, it is difficult for the thickness of stone paper to reach a thinner level, and the product specifications are not complete, only limited to the conventional small format below A1.

The reason for choosing stone paper is the performance of sustainable development, and striving for the goal of research and promotion of conservation and environmental friendliness is a better choice for environmental protection.