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Introduction to popular science on stone paper

Stone paper is a kind of paper made of inorganic powder and environmentally friendly stone. It can be said to be a revolution in the paper industry after Cai Lun Paper. It solves the reduction of forest area caused by the large-scale felling of trees as raw materials for paper products. Tension problem. So what is the main principle of stone paper? Let us understand it together!

Let’s first talk about the main production principle of stone paper. At present, paper is produced through wood processing. It is stone paper that uses a widely distributed limestone mineral resource as the main material, mainly this kind of stone. It contains about 70% calcium carbonate, and the high molecular polymer that can be combined with it is processed by chemical principles and special processes, and the polymer is extruded and blown to produce the same effect as paper made of plant fibers. Not only that, it also has the important core properties of plastic bags. The biggest advantage of this kind of stone paper is that it will degrade and return to nature after being discarded, which solves the problem of white pollution.

The raw material of stone paper is relatively low-priced ore powder. It has a wide distribution and large reserves. Almost every ton of inorganic powder and environmentally friendly stone will be 30-40% lower than that of plastic bags, which is lower than some high-grade wood pulp paper. The cost is lower by 20%. This is an innovation of polymer materials, not only for the relationship of cost and profit, but also a manifestation of the continuous development of human science to research and promote the goal of saving and environmentally friendly Struggle is an important advance to protect the earth.