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Introduction to popular science on stone paper

Stone paper is a new type of material between paper and plastic. It can not only replace part of the traditional functional paper, professional paper, but also replace most of the traditional plastic packaging. And it has the characteristics of low cost and controllable degradation, which can save a lot of cost for users without causing pollution.

From the perspective of replacing the traditional part of paper, it can save a lot of forest resources for the society and reduce the secondary pollution generated in the papermaking process; from the perspective of replacing the traditional part of plastic packaging, it can save a lot of strategic resources for the country. , The product can be degraded after use, and will not cause secondary white pollution.

The environmental protection new material stone-paper industry has a wide range of materials, and the space for product upgrades, technology upgrades, and application areas is very broad. It is a very vigorous and well-developed industry.

The production process is simple; the investment is large, the output is high, and the energy consumption is low; it does not use plant fibers and does not cut trees, which can save a lot of wood and protect the natural ecology; it does not need to add strong acids, alkalis, bleaching agents and other chemical raw materials, and does not discharge waste water , Waste residue and toxic and harmful gases are green environmental protection products.