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Introduction to the advantages of stone paper

Someone flushed the memo paper made of stone paper under the faucet and found that the stone paper was not soaked or leaked. It didn't take long to wipe the water off the paper with a rag, and the paper was basically restored to its original condition.

This paper does not contain plant fibers, so it is much better in water resistance. The paper bag made of stone paper feels heavier and cooler. Unlike ordinary paper bags, it is very strong. They once tried to pour water into a handbag made of stone paper, and the result was that the handbag filled with 20 kilograms of water was intact and there was no leakage.

According to reports, the traditional papermaking process requires cutting down a large amount of wood as raw materials. And this kind of stone paper mainly extracts calcium carbonate from limestone, then uses polymer as the base material, utilizes the interface chemistry principle of polymer and the characteristics of polymer modification, and after special processing, the polymer is extruded. Manufactured by extrusion and blow molding process.

The production of stone paper does not first need to cut wood. In addition, there is no need to add a large amount of strong acids, alkalis, bleaches and other chemicals in the production process, and no waste water, waste residue, toxic and harmful gases and substances are discharged. The paper industry is the most polluting industry in China. If stone paper can replace traditional paper to a certain extent, its economic and ecological benefits, especially for energy conservation and emission reduction, will be quite significant.