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Introduction to the advantages of stone paper

What are the advantages of stone paper itself?

1. Stone paper can be moisture-proof, waterproof, tensile, tear and folding resistance is also stronger than ordinary paper, especially suitable for use in humid environments;

2. The stone paper has no plant fiber, the surface is smooth and flat, it is not easy to faint when writing, and it saves ink when printing;

3. The stone paper is mainly a powder structure, which can be automatically weathered in 3 to 6 months in an environment exposed to the wild. If it is burned, it will burn easily without producing black smoke;

4. There is no need for bleaching in the production of stone paper, and there is no risk of heavy metal residues, fluorescent agents, etc., which is relatively safe;

5. Stone-paper products can be recycled again. At present, Shandong manufacturers support recycling and truly integrate production to recycling. It is precisely because of these advantages that stone paper has been used in news publishing, packaging, advertising, cultural paper, maps, and decorative wallpapers since its inception.