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Introduction to the environmental advantages of stone paper

According to statistics, our country needs about 79.32 million tons of raw material paper and pulp every year, most of which are wood and reed resources. The shortage of raw materials caused by the massive consumption of raw materials is born, and a large amount of waste will be discharged during the papermaking process, which will damage the earth. The ozone layer and the damage to the function of filtering ultraviolet rays have caused great pollution to the environment. Therefore, the development of this energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and soluble stone paper is a manifestation of protecting the environment, protecting the ecological balance, and developing a circular economy.

There are abundant limestone mineral resources in various regions of our country. The production of inorganic powder environmentally friendly stone paper has the value of enhancing and expanding the application of our country. It has also greatly promoted the development of my country’s paper industry and polymer material processing industry, and has a harmonious development. The advantages of the environment, expanding domestic demand, and stimulating local economic growth.

The production process of stone paper products is simple, raw materials are easily available, high output, low energy consumption, no pollution, no plant fiber and no cutting wood are used to protect the important characteristics of natural ecology, and it is a pure natural green environmental protection product. The products produced also have the advantages of moisture resistance, folding resistance, tear resistance, mothproof, non-toxic, odorless, high printing definition, good effect, and degradability.

Stone paper products are used in packaging paper, office paper, advertising paper, special paper and other fields. It can be made into color books, disposable paper bowls and cups, promotional albums, product manuals, desk calendars and other products.