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Introduction to the knowledge of stone paper

Stone paper is a new type of material between paper and plastic, and stone paper is a new type of environmentally friendly paper.

Stone paper is a new type of environmentally friendly paper. Its appearance is the same as traditional wood pulp paper, but its production method is different from that of wood pulp paper. It is made by adding calcium carbonate powder with 15% polyethylene and 5% adhesive after special processing. The use of dilute hydrochloric acid can distinguish stone paper and wood pulp paper.

The production process is simple; the investment is large, the output is high, and the energy consumption is low; it does not use plant fibers and does not cut trees, which can save a lot of wood and protect the natural ecology; it does not need to add strong acids, alkalis, bleaching agents and other chemical raw materials, and does not discharge waste water , Waste residue and toxic and harmful gases are green environmental protection products. The product has good mechanical properties, water resistance, moisture resistance, moth resistance, folding resistance, tear resistance, oil resistance, non-toxic, odorless, non-polluting, stable geometric dimensions, high printing definition, good effects, and can be naturally degraded into powder after being discarded. Nature and other characteristics.