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Is waterproof stone paper really made of stone?

As the name suggests, waterproof stone paper is paper produced from stones. Stones produce paper? However, not all stones can produce paper. The waterproof stone paper produced is a kind of limestone.

Everyone must think like me that paper is produced from wood pulp and straw pulp. Do you know that with the continuous development of science and technology, the continuous improvement of technology, the upgrading of technology, the continuous attempts of researchers finally found this kind of production waterproof stone The raw material of paper is limestone. The production of waterproof stone paper does not need to use wood pulp and water, no need to strengthen acid, no need to add bleaching agent, no need to strengthen alkali and other chemicals, only need to use raw material limestone plus a small amount of polymer materials and electricity. Energy saving and environmental protection have fundamentally solved the problem of environmental damage.

Can the paper produced by waterproof stone paper completely replace the paper produced by the original technology? The manufacturer tells you that not only can stone be completely replaced, but there are also many advantages that the original production technology of paper does not have, such as: waterproof, ordinary paper cannot be waterproof, basically it will become a ball when it touches water. , And waterproof stone paper has good waterproof performance, the effect of ordinary paper printing is relatively fuzzy, and waterproof stone paper has good ink absorption, the printing is very clear, and the folding performance is good, easy to bind and so on.
The application field of waterproof stone paper is very wide, such as disposable daily consumables, school stationery, packaging supplies, daily necessities, and paper for special industries, etc. The manufacturers will not give examples one by one. You must be curious. The production process of waterproof stone paper should produce waste. Does this waste have any impact on our living environment? The manufacturer tells you that, in fact, the waste generated in the production of waterproof stone paper can be recycled. This limestone can be reused to produce paper. There is no waste at all. If you don’t want to use it, you can also make plastic and recycle it as PE. Good materials for plastic processing are not very environmentally friendly, whether it is raw materials or processed waste materials, has no impact on our environment.