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Stone Paper-New Environmental Protection Material

With the development of society and technology, people have begun to pay more attention to environmental protection issues, and they have begun to research and produce some environmental protection materials. Stone paper is an new environmental protection material born in this process.
As an environmental protection material, stone paper has many advantages that ordinary paper does not. 

1.Stone paper does not need water in the entire production process, does not need to add strong acids, strong alkalis, bleaching powder and many organic chlorides. Compared with traditional papermaking processes, it eliminates several important pollution links such as cooking, washing and bleaching.

2.Stone paper uses low-priced ore powder as the main raw material, and the cost is 20%-30% lower than traditional paper, and the price is also 10%-20% lower. The paper made of stone looks nothing special, but the written words are soaked in water, taken out after ten minutes, and wiped with your hands. Not only will the words not faint, you can still write on the water. Stone paper is very durable and can save companies a lot of costs.

3.Stone paper is not only waterproof, anti-fog, oil-proof, insect-proof, etc., but also superior to wood pulp paper in terms of physical properties, tear resistance and folding resistance.