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Introduction to the characteristics of stone paper

Compared with traditional papermaking technology, stone paper production does not need to consume wood, and the process and steps are relatively simple. Traditional papermaking technology has led to the consumption of a large amount of wood and excessive logging of forests. In 2016, two-thirds of China's industrial wood was used for papermaking, and the lack of wood supply has also become a major bottleneck for the development of the paper industry.

Stone paper uses the earth's abundant limestone resources as raw materials, which is an important way to alleviate the lack of wood. The large amount of "three wastes" emissions and large environmental pollution are also a major criticism of traditional papermaking technology. The production of stone paper does not require water or bleaching.

Therefore, there is no discharge of waste water, and it is more environmentally friendly than traditional papermaking. Moreover, only electric energy is consumed in production, and the energy consumption is greatly reduced. The unit energy consumption is only 2/3 of the traditional papermaking process. We provide stone paper products. If you are interested in stone paper products, please contact us for more information.