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The main use of stone paper

Synthetic paper is called "unbreakable" paper. At present, it is popularly called "stone paper". Stone paper uses inorganic powder (mainly calcium carbonate) as the main raw material, adds a small amount of synthetic resin and plastic additives, and adopts advanced technology to produce a new type of environmentally friendly synthetic paper. It is widely used in printing, packaging, cardboard and various Labels, etc., have excellent paper characteristics and environmental performance, which is a major technological change in paper production.
The main use of stone paper
1. Printing paper-can be used for banknotes, business cards, books, picture albums, wall calendars, maps, posters, etc.
2. Decoration paper-can be used for labels, advertising inkjet, tracing paper, envelopes, cards, dashboards, toy boards, etc.
3. Packaging paper-can be used for packaging boxes, daily necessities packaging, food packaging, industrial product packaging, etc. Reply to "packaging" to see more
4. Handbag paper-can be used for handbags, clothing bags, packaging bags, etc.