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Types of Paper to Stone

Stone paper is a new material between paper and plastic, which can not only replace some traditional functional paper and professional paper, but also replace most traditional plastic packaging. Paper to stone has the characteristics of low cost and controlled degradation, which can save a lot of costs for users without causing pollution. So, what kinds are there?

1.Degradable environmentally friendly packaging materials.
This product is mainly used to replace traditional plastic packaging products, mainly including industrial packaging materials and living packaging materials. Among them, industrial packaging materials include: dust covers and protective covers for electronics, home appliances and industrial equipment. Living packaging materials include: various packaging bags, shopping bags, garbage bags and roll bags used in daily life. These products have strong social value and market advantages.

Social value: On the one hand, the product has photodegradation, oxidative degradation and biodegradation properties. Long-term use can fundamentally solve the "white pollution" problem that is increasingly oppressing Mother Earth. On the other hand, due to the large amount of calcium carbonate used, each ton of environmentally friendly packaging materials can save the country 2.3 tons of petroleum resources.

Market Advantage: When consumers use environmentally friendly packaging materials made of stone paper, they not only bear social environmental responsibility, but also save 15% -30% of the cost of use.

2.Environmental protection stone wallpaper products.
Due to the advantages of raw materials, production technology, and technological processes, stone paper wallpaper products are the only wallpapers in the world that are close to zero benzene and zero formaldehyde. The product has no harmful properties such as heavy metals, no odor, moisture resistance, flame retardant and antibacterial. The environmental protection indicators of its products have not only passed the testing and certification of relevant national testing agencies, but also reached the European Union's testing standards. Major breakthroughs have been made in environmental protection.

3.Environmental protection stone paper products.
It is mainly used to replace some traditional cultural paper, packaging paper and special paper. This type of product changes the traditional papermaking process technology, does not use wood pulp, does not need to cut trees, does not emit strong acids and alkalis and other chemical substances, and does not discharge wastewater