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What is the purpose of eco-friendly paper?

Eco-friendly paper is a kind of paper produced from waste paper through more than a dozen processes such as sorting, purification, pulping, papermaking, etc. It does not affect the normal use of office and study, and is beneficial to protect the health of eyesight. Today, when the world is increasingly advocating environmental protection thinking, the use of eco-friendly paper is a popular move.

Eco-friendly paper is paper produced from waste paper as raw material, crushed, decolorized and pulped through various processes. 80% of its raw materials come from recycled waste paper, so it is known as environmentally friendly paper with low energy consumption and light pollution. There are many kinds of urban waste paper, and different types of waste paper are used as raw materials to make different recycled copy paper and recycled packaging paper. Generally, it can be divided into two categories: one is low-grade paper such as hanging panel paper and toilet paper; the other is paper for books, newspapers, magazines, copy paper, printing paper, postcards, and exercise books.

Eco-friendly paper is not equal to eco-friendly paper. Paper produced from wood pulp and straw pulp is also called eco-friendly paper. Eco-friendly paper is the collective name of the market! Eco-friendly paper is produced using waste paper as raw materials and does not add any brighteners, fluorescent agents and other chemical agents, so the color of eco-friendly paper is yellowish natural color! The difference between eco-friendly paper and eco-friendly paper is the difference in raw materials.

Eco-friendly paper does not add any brighteners, fluorescent agents and other chemicals, so it shows the beauty of the paper's natural color, slightly yellowish paper; because it is not reflective, it is actually more conducive to protecting our eyes. Europe and Japan More than ten years ago, eco-friendly paper has been regularly used as office and study paper.

The eco-friendly paper claimed by many companies on the market does not actually belong to eco-friendly paper; the EU international standard is only eco-friendly paper, and eco-friendly paper is just a general term. The biggest difference between eco-friendly paper and eco-friendly paper is the raw material. The difference is that eco-friendly paper uses waste paper as a raw material, while eco-friendly paper uses wood pulp as a raw material.