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Packaging Product

Packaging Product

Comparing to the other papers, stone paper has superior printing values and is available in most sizes and weights of wood fibre papers. The stone paper has strong and tear resistant which perfectly match for books, carry bags and its strength is also great. The stone paper is waterproof and great for maps, outdoor displays, golf score cards, envelopes, pads etc. It won't crack or white line on folds so it is suitable for maps and brochures. Even in wet condition, it can also be written on.

Freezer Grade-Durable under very low temperatures - excellent for freezer food packaging.
The stone paper is moth and insect proof, greaseproof, mistproof, recyclable and photodegradable.
Food grade - for food storage and packaging. ( FDA approved )

With the characters of tear resistant, water proof, crackless and inspect proof, stone paper is an ideal material of packaging. Stone paper can be printed on the rolling press as well as the sheet-fed presses. Foil print including gold and silver is also suitable for stone paper.
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